Nubian Red Philosophy

Entrenched in a message of love and light (enlightenment) the Nubian Red Philosophy is a movement to encourage and open eyes, hearts and minds to live in the goodness of creation and share that GOOD.


The message of love and enlightenment explored under different topics:


  • Love and Light
  • What is Love
  • Giving and Receiving Love
  • There is Only One Race
  • Battle of the Sexes - Who Wins?
  • The History vs the True Story (African Enslavement)
  • The History vs the True Story (The Rise and Fall of Empires)
  • Reparation & Repatriation of the Descendants of the Enslaved Africans 
  • Slave Master vs Enslaver 
  • Religion and Politics
  • Democracy and it's reality
  • Truth
  • Blind Justice
  • Creation vs Evolution
  • The Role of Men in Society
  • The Role of Women in Society
  • Parenting and Child rearing 
  • Many are called few are Chosen
  • Real wealth and Prosperity
  • Giving vs Receiving
  • Charity
  • Humanity
  • Bespoke Generation
  • Everyone has the Right to a Living Space
  • The Evil in Europe
  • The good in mankind
  • Engaging Your Right Brain
  • Meditation
  • The Third Eye